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Demonstration and meeeting room
Demonstration and meeting room

Monitoring a certain area is also a matter of calculation. We offer different lenses for each of our cameras.This allows you to set up the cameras optimally in different situations. Special infrared LEDs ensure a perfect night vision. Here, too, you can often choose between different LED intensities in order to be able to optimally shape the field of view

From our medium  size cameras, you can also choose fan-cooling and heating as an option to be in the position to cover particularly adverse environmental conditions. Thanks to high-quality materials, our cameras are very robust. But we also have Vandale safe cameras for hard application fields in our program.

Also for the most common operating voltages 220 V AC, 24 V AC and 12 V DC you will find corresponding cameras. If you have a special supply situation, please write to us. Most of our cameras are designed in IP 66, different classes for indoor use are displayed.

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You are right here

We have more than 2500 cameras in our current program and that is not all. We can provide you with any type of monitoring. You are looking for a system for your company or for an object, or you need a series for sale. You want monitoring your privat house. You are right here.

Special Cameras

Special Camera with a Night Vision Option
What ever you need we can produce

Send us  your observation task and we  can  set together a program of cameras and devices with which you can fulfill the desired task.

Do you own a business for cameras or do you sell and install security systems and would like to have your own camera or camera or your own recorder with your logo? Again, this is no problem just let's talk about it. We offer a high production quality at good prices, you should not miss it.

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